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Do Kwon Interview Teaser Sparks Drama And Possible Prosecution

Do Kwon interview teaser sparks drama before the whole documentary is officially released with people taking to Twitter and both criticizing or defending Do Kwon.

The crypto world has been energized by a forthcoming interview with Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs and the creator of many Terra ecosystem currencies, which has already sparked criticism from certain quarters.

Do Kwon Interview Teaser Sparks Drama

Kwon says the following in a sneak peek of the whole interview, which will be made available later today:

“Terra was supposed to be a stablecoin, and it didn’t remain stable.”

He also said that he things crypto is still in some ways like the wild, wild, west, and that he himself developed an alter ego.

He adds that has gambled big and believes he “lost” and claims to have “cringed” upon recalling some of his earlier statements.

Although Kwon’s personal remarks are sparse and heavily edited in the teaser, the co-founder of Terraform often portrays a dejected and dissatisfied expression.

FatMan Vs. Guzman

Detractors have already started to appear on Twitter. And FatManTerra, a well-known internet figure who has established himself as a strong Kwon critic and an advocate for irate investors in the Terra ecosystem, didn’t hold back.

Do Kwon Interview Teaser Sparks Drama And Possible Prosecution

FatMan claimed that the creator of the video, Zack Guzmán, co-founder of the publication Coinage Media, was someone who has been regularly promoting Kwon for years, almost as if he’s paid.

FatMan also urged Kwon to “address the billions” he allegedly “cashed out of the system” and hold an interview with someone more objective and credible like Bloomberg or Fortune.

Nobody would have been let down if they had anticipated further drama. Guzmán shot back, by saying, he was a user of Terra just like FatMan was.  He said that FatMan was “acting like I didn’t try to reach out to you for this,” and that FatMan was being sort of shady.

In response, FatMan said that Guzmán had never contacted him regarding a documentary or interview of any type and had just inquired as to whether he was in Singapore and requested a meeting instead.

Some people asked FatMan to watch the entire interview before criticizing it in the responses.

In response, FatMan wrote in a more amenable manner:

“I look forward to watching it. Regardless of you [Guzmán] being a Terra shill or not, you have the ability to bring the important facts to light, which I hope you did. Do Kwon committed mass scale fraud and I hope this is brought out.”

Possible Prosecution

Apart from the internet drama, the South Korean Prosecutors Office is investigating Kwon and other people from the Terra leadership for allegations that they may have engineered the UST crash in March of this year, or at least that they had prior knowledge that it was going to happen, and didn’t, do anything.

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