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New Phishing Attack Cuts Off Moonbirds NFT Worth $1.5M

A new phishing attack cuts off Moonbirds NFT that was worth $1.5 million and despite the security in the crypto space, there were other events once in a while so let’s read more today in our cryptocurrency news today.

Cybercriminals use phishing attacks often as their portable weapon to reap off their victims so they mask the links and messages they send to the targets via emails or other means and as a result, the hacker could appear as one of the trusted entities that demand certain information from the target but also they look like genuine sites or highly reputable financial companies.

Opening the email or a text message will expose the target and some targets could be lured to give out their personal data via links or messages so the hacker would gain access to some bigger information like credit card numbers and other details. The new phishing attack recently made one victim lose about $1.5 million worth of NFTs and the attack resulted in Digital Ornithologist as the owner of NFTs and losing 29 MoonBirds NFTs with the loss now equaling 750 Ethereum.

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According to the tweets from @CirrusNFT, the attack occurred on Tuesday and the fraudster sent a phishing link to the NFT owner which he later accessed. The holder then becomes a member of the PROOF community with access to NEST their NFTs and this process allows them to earn rewards for the holdings and to partake of the upcomign benefits in the community. Another Twitter user declared knowing the hacker which stole the NFTs and produced a display of the attacker’s account and the site he used for the fraud so the attacker got linked to @DVincent and deleted the account.

It’s not clear how the phishing attack happened but the connection is pointing towards the malicious request so some attacks will demand that the target will make connections with the wallets approving some transactions. The attacker will gain access to all personal details of the wallet and steal the assets. The Twitter user @DVincent suggested the use of a P2P site which went down and the NFT owner authorized the fraudster’s wallet via the sites which led to the loss of the NFTs. Another Twitter user deducted that the attacker lured his target to gan an unreal trading site so he approved the fake information from the phishing links to lose the assets.

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